STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table

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Generally, there are many varieties and brands of tennis table are available in the market. In that, finding the quality products are difficult one. For your comfort, I recommended the best products here in this article called STIGA advantage table tennis table. It is not only suitable for the experienced people but also it is fit for beginners also. With the help of this article, you can know about features, pros, and cons of STIGA advantage table tennis table.

Features of STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table:

Do you want to know about the special features of this tennis table? Then, follow the below article,

  1. Design:

This product comes with unique chassis design. Each half of the table has independent caster beams. With the help of this caster beams, you can completely separate your table into two halves.

  1. Safety:

You can get 72 inches of tournament net with this product. It is completely made using the premium cotton. The net is easy to use and also you can easily assemble this net in a second. The company provides safety latch system with it. It is available on the underside of the table. You can get thick dark blue table top with silk screen striping.

Pros of STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table:

  1. The table is smooth to touch and it is durable in nature.
  2. You can easily assemble and remove this net within 10 minutes.
  3. The table of this product is UV cured.
  4. And you can able to use this table for your entertainment needs.

Cons of STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table:

  1. It is highly expensive.
  2. It needs more than 2 people to assemble this.


I’m damn sure this product is really helpful to you why because the quality of the product is good and also it comes with enough warranty support. It’s a five star rated product. 

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