Best Table Tennis Blades

When it comes to finding the best table tennis blades, there are three blades one needs to consider.  This review contains table tennis blades used by professionals.

  1. Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit-FL Blade (used by Ma Long, China and Timo Boll of course)
  2. DHS Neo Hurricane Hao  (used by Wang Hao, China)
  3. Butterfly Viscaria-FL Blade (used by Zhang Jike of China)


Wood versus Carbon Ping Pong Blades, which ones are the best?

In general, if you’re asking this question.  Then, you are likely an intermediate or a very good player trying to improve your game.  Wood blades are 100% wood whereas carbon blades have five layers of wood and two layers of Carbon.  Carbon tends to be lighter so that increases the speed of your blade.  So if you need to really reacquaint yourself with the stroke if you have only used wood blades in the past.  Most professional players use carbon blades. This is why I have only listed the top carbon blades used by professional players here. And if you’re still wondering, the Japanese company Butterfly makes the best table tennis blades.

Best Ping Pong Blades Reviews

Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit-FL Blade

This blade is used by the current best player –  Ma Long –  in the world.  Clearly, given the namesake, it is designed by the German player Timo Boll.

Best Table Tennis Blade

Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit-FL Blade

This blade is awesome for the European looping style play. It has an exceptional balance of control and speed.  It is a fantastic player who attacks with top spin. There is a reason why this blade is used by many of the professional players. The blade is made by Butterfly and therefore is made in Japan.  It means that the blade has exceptional manufactured quality.  The blade has a medium feel, fantastic balance between speed and control. Combined with Tenergy 05 rubbers on both sides, you have an amazing ping pong paddle for attacking and looping style of play.  For more information about best rubbers used by top players: See this article: Best Ping Pong Rubbers for Control and Spin

DHS Neo Hurricane Hao 

Not to be outdone by Timo Ball, another great carbon based blade is designed by Hao Wang.  Hao Wang – who is a former world champion himself – uses this blade with exquisite speed and control.  As can be seen below, it’s a very good looking blade.

Best Ping Pong Blade - Carbon based Hurricane Hao

DHS Neo Hurricane Hao 


For what it’s worth, I think this is a very underrated blade. While no one wants to switch to this new comer, I think this blade will over time become the preferred blade of the top ping pong players.  From what I have read, many who used it say it is the best blade that they have ever used. It is very easy to get used to this blade and the spin dynamics are amazing. Here you’re trading speed, for great spin and control. This would definitely still qualify as an offensive blade.

Butterfly Viscaria-FL Blade

When it comes to such a specific product, there tend not to be many reviews on Amazon.  But this blade gets the honor of getting four perfect reviews.

Best Ping Pong Blade - Butterfly Viscaria Carbon

Butterfly Viscaria-FL Blade


I bought this Blade after searching a lot. It is a very popular model and is hard to locate at times.  I hooked it up with Tenergy 05.  I have been using rubber and paddle for about a year. It is just amazing. This is perfect for speed, awesome top spin, and slicing. And Zhang Jike of China uses with amazing style. If you are looking to try out something really good, I highly recommend using this for an offensive minded player.

I hope you like this review of best table tennis blades.  We have also reviewed best ping pong robots and best ping pong tables.