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Best Ping Pong Table Under $1000

Best Ping Pong Table under $1000

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Butterfly T22 Space Saver 22 Rollaway Table Tennis Table is the best ping pong table under $1000 in the market. First and most important part of this table is that it is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation. Click here to see that it is ITTF approved. It is also the cheapest ITTF approved ping pong table in the market. Cheap is a relative term for the table is ITTF approved. This table is quality as it is made by the Japanese company Butterfly. Yes, you can get other good tables at this price or even lower but they will not be approved by ITTF. So you are not playing on the real thing. This is why most upcoming professional players will start out with a table at home. Once they become legit, they can upgrade to Butterfly Centre Fold 25, which cost up to $2000. Practicing on this real deal – ITTF approved- table will ensure that you have a good feel for a professional game. Given the thickness of the table relative to the recreational tables, you will right away get used to the improved bounce and the ball coming at you just a bit faster. It will allow you to make the transition from recreational backyard player to a professional club or a professional player. It’s kind of obvious, you should practice on the real thing. Especially if you can get it at this price point. I have seen people advocate Joola 2500 table, which is slightly lower in price. But, do not be fooled that Joola table is not ITTF approved. By just spending a few more dollars, you can get the real thing. You can find this table – Butterfly T22 – at the lowest price here on Amazon. Next, we look at reviews from people who have purchased this product.

Butterfly T22: Why people consider it the best table tennis table under $1000?

Before we discuss the product features, here are some direct testimonials from people who have purchased this table.

Fabulous table. Incredibly easy to put away and get back out. Rolls well on casters. Fine surface for play. Great if you have to put the table away between sessions. Highly recommended! Arrived quickly too! Would definitely buy again.”

Good quality and speedy delivery.”

I hope this convinces you that Butterfly 22 is a fantastic product for the price and can’t get over the fact that you can get an ITTF approved table for this price. Next, we look at the image and specific features of the product.

Best Ping Pong Table under $1000

Click here to see detailed reviews and find the lowest price on Amazon

Specific feature review Butterfly T22: Best Table Tennis Table under $1000

This T22 table is made by Butterfly. Butterfly is a Japanese ping pong company. They have been around for quite some time and are known for the most quality ping pong equipment: table tennis rubbers, balls, paddles, blades and of course ping pong tables. There are five key features of the Butterfly T22. First is that it has same compact design as the Butterfly centerfold 25. This means that you will have a very easy time storing the table. I think this may be due to the fact that this is a Japanese made table. These guys are really good at creating space saving table. Second, this table has 22mm “perfect grip” top thickness, which provides a true bounce and makes this ideal for club and home use. Most professional players can easily tell the difference between recreational and ITTF approved table. It’s the bounce!! The thicker the table the better the bounce. This is actually what makes professional games slightly tougher, the ball bounces higher and faster. You want to get used to playing on this surface at home or at a “club”.

The third important feature of this table is that it is very easy to move and store, measuring 60 x 18 x 64 inches in the storage position. When you fold it, it becomes upright and has wheels so you can just move it around and place it wherever you need. So if you are not playing and have guests over, you can just fold it up and move it to the bedroom. The fourth key feature of this table – as mentioned previously- it is ITTF approved. It has the ITTF demanded 22m playing surface. This is the lowest entry point in terms of price for an ITTF approved table. You want to play with the real thing, the more realistic playing experience. the better off you will be. The table also comes in blue or green. This depends on your preference and my preference is go with blue/green. Check out the blue or the green colors here.

Last and perhaps the most important point is that this table comes with a five-year warranty. This is really what makes it the best table tennis table under $1000. Most suppliers do not provide this kind of a warrant. Effectively, if the table breaks or gets scratches you can get a replacement. For this and the fact that it is ITTF approved, I highly recommend buying this table. Next we summarize the key elements of this product.

Summary of the top table tennis table under $1000

If you are looking for the best ping pong table under $1000, Butterfly T22 is definitely it. In quality, price and the fact that it is ITTF approved guarantees you that it is one of the best value in the market. If you are looking to spend this amount, do not fall for a slightly lower price and not ITTF approved table. The experience of playing a professional table – such as Butterfly T22- is legitimately different. Yes, other recreational tables are good but the bounce will be unmatched and you will be playing on the same table surface that Zhang Jike plays on. Moreover, the warranty will be unmatched by others as well. The reason why Butterfly has earned a great reputation is that they can back-up their product by giving you a five-year warranty. We highly recommend this table. We have also reviewed ping pong tables under 500.


Best Ping Pong Table under $1000

Click here to see detailed reviews and find the lowest price on Amazon

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