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Best Ping Pong Table Under $500

Best Ping Pong Table well under 500: Joola Indoor Ping Pong Table (Click here to see the lowest price)

Normally the people think that the main criteria to consider when buying a new ping pong table have mostly listed as 5 factors such that,

  • Playing surface thickness
  • Strength of Frame
  • Convenience Features,
  • Safety Features

But there are two more important factors to consider when buying a new ping pong table, that are

  • Specifications of the table
  • Affordability of the table and this table is affordable!

Specifications of the table:

When you go for buying a new ping pong table, just view the standard dimensions and regulations and the material of the ping pong table. Usually, the ping pong table is made with the wood materials or some sort of derivatives.

Affordability of the table:

The ping pong tables can get a cheap rate as few 100 dollars to the higher rate of several 1000 dollars for a premier table. Try to keep in mind about your budget and don’t go above of your budget level. Get a ping pong table which you can offer your play. Don’t be frustrated with the cost of the table.

Don’t think that only high-cost ping pong tables only give you a high performance because it was not like, some of the good quality and high-performance ping pong tables can get by low-cost values. With a low price range, the value key is a piece of criteria to make your buying decision.

Normally the tables under 500 dollars do not have a 1 inch thick tops and super thick stable stem frames or table made of bomb-proof materials. And also they will not have the certifications under the ITTF. But they can also able to give you a decent playing experience at an affordable price.

If you take more care of them, probably they will last a very long time. All you need to do is, make sure that your table is placed in a cool and dry place to keep your low-cost ping pong table with long life.

Best table under $500: Joola Indoor Ping Pong Table

For example, the Joola Indoor Ping Pong Table (Click here for the lowest pricegives a marvelous value by combing the quality and resilience of an outdoor table with a cost of an entry level indoor table. This table is always a top sales brand in most of the online shops. This table will offer you a heavy duty welded steel frame, a weatherproof top made of aluminum composite, and 4 durable locking wheels all at a cost under 500 dollars.

The joola indoor table is another option to consider with the low-cost ping pong table, which comes only in 400 dollars. This table does not give the same quality as the joola nova DX. This table cannot withstand under the harsh weather conditions, but still, this ping pong table gives great options for a great table at a reasonable cost and provides the customers with a decent playing experience.

The most important thing note is the ping pong tables which cost low then the 500 dollars are mostly indoor ping pong table without any certifications. This table is my favorite ping pong table and it’s also featured on our best ping pong tables reviews.

Best Ping Pong Table Verdict: Joola Indoor Ping Pong Table (Click here to see the lowest price on Amazon)

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