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Best Table Tennis Rubber for Backhand – Tenergy 64

You know you’re an intermediate level player if you’re asking about the best table tennis rubber for backhand. Ma Long – the top table tennis player in the world – is known to use Tenergy 64 as his preferred backhand rubber.  In playing competitive table tennis, you don’t become the best in the world by using an inferior product. Almost certainly, if you use Tenergy 64, you will have an advantage relative to your previous game and competitors; particularly, if you know or learn how to use this new rubber well.  My advice to you is that if you have come this far and know that you need a good backhand rubber, do not go for a cheaper rubber.  I know that Butterfly rubbers are expensive if you can’t afford to acquire this rubber right now, just wait until you can afford it.  You can get it for a pretty good price on Amazon (click here). 

Best Ping Pong Rubber for Backhand - Butterfly Tenergy 64

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On MegaSpin, this was a recent review for this rubber:

“Very good backhand rubber. I think it shines in fast drive/counters from close or mid distance. Also very good blocking. It has low, linear trajectory. It is also very spinny, but throw angle is lower than other tensors I think. Spin and loop are also very good – you can really feel the ball dig in the sponge. It’s pretty fast – I think you can play very comfortably in mid distance.”

What are the specific features of this rubber and why is it great for backhand? Tenergy 64 Review

For backhand, you need a rubber which is fast, can block and allows for flat hitting.  Effectively, on returns you want the ball to hang low so the opposing player has less time to react.  You want to go for a lower arc on a backhand rubber.  Tenergy 64 provides these features.  Butterfly Tenergy 64 is the fastest rubber in the Tenergy series of rubbers. Butterfly is a Japanese company which is well known for high-quality table tennis products. 64 represents the development number for the grooves used in making this rubber.  It features high tension and has spring sponge, which makes it a fast and dynamic rubber.  For example, if the opposition is attacking you, the ball will go in the grip of the grooves of this rubber and the spring sponge will return the ball back with high speed and heavy spin.  This rubber is designed a player who plays at a middle distance.  Tenergy 64 backhand rubber is great for control.  It has a speed rating of 135 and spin rating of 105 and hardness of 36.

It is amazing for a player who is aggressive with the backhand as it is fast. During back-hand returns and drives backhand drive, it can produce a powerful return or an easy dropshot. Because of the high tension technology embedded in this rubber, you can get a good clean block very effortlessly.  That being said just to remind the readers, I don’t recommend this rubber for forehand because it is not as good for topspins. To produce a top-spin you need more thickness.  This sponge is light and therefore the thickness is only 1.7mm.  For forehand spin, I highly recommend Tenergy 05.

Features of Tenergy 64: Best Ping Pong Rubber for Backhand

Top Sheet Thickness: Average (1.7mm).
Surface Thickness: Thin (0.71mm).
Pip Length: Long (0.99mm).
Pip Width: Average (1.68mm).
Pip Spacing: Sparse (0.96mm).
Sponge Hardness: Medium.
Top Sheet Hardness: Hard.
Weight (Max): Medium-Heavy (47g, 0.232g/cm^2).

Best Ping Pong Rubber for Backhand - Butterfly Tenergy 64

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