A Guide to Best Ping Pong Tables 2020

It is time to discuss the best ping pong tables. As everyone knows, ping pong is life! I am an avid table tennis fan. In my grad school, that’s all I did. I played ping pong. Being a girl, a few guys thought I was a pushover and can be beaten, I won every single time! I miss those days! My review of top table tennis tables is based on experience. First of all, if you’re looking for table tennis table, you need to decide one key thing: Indoor or Outdoor. Get the thickest one if you are a pro! Otherwise, go for value! Make sure you have good paddle with great backhand rubber to play with.

Here are the top table tennis tables for my people:

PictureNameIndoor/OutdoorPriceOur Rating
JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table with Net SetIndoor$$4.7/5.0
Joola Nova Tour DX Outdoor Table Tennis TableOutdoor$$4.6/5.0

Introduction to the best table tennis tables:

We all love to play both the indoor and outdoor games to relax. Especially, in US, due to startup and technology company demands, a lot of us are playing table tennis at work and we want to get better at it by playing at home. Table Tennis is commonly called ping pong. You could play this game wherever you want if you have a table top, whether the table may be a dining table or a billiard board. In the hood, we don’t even use a table. You can possibly use someone’s flabby body to bounce the ball off of.

This is a fun outdoor and indoor game for both adults and children. Furthermore, you can play this game wherever you want with the use of a spare table by placing in a patio, backyard, garage, and much more.

How does a ping pong table work?

Ping pong table can work just like another table. You can use these tables for various purposes such as office meetings, and so on. These sorts of tables are available in different varieties in the marketplace.

There are compact ping pong tables that can be easily stored. Both of the tables I listed above can be stored away very quickly. Check out this picture of Joola’s Indoor Table Tennis Table, see how easily it can be folded away if you don’t need it.

best ping pong tables

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Ping pong table brands:

You can find lots of brands delivering its ping pong table with various features. So I am sure you can find the one that meets your needs. There are more than 2500 reviews for the Joola brand indoor table. I think most everyone including myself has that one. What’s the best way to filter it? You should analyze the best brands. The following list describes the top-rated brands around you.

  • JOOLA (My favorite)
  • MD-Sports
  • Harvil
  • Kettler

Most people spend their recreation time playing outdoor games. If you prefer spending your leisure time without having to go outdoors, then ping pong is the game for you. Ping Pong is a fun game that isn’t as demanding as other types of sports. You play it indoors or outdoors if you please to, in any weather, and require minimal space, training, and equipment. To enjoy this game at home, you will need to purchase a table tennis table. From a distance and just by the look most table tennis tables look the same. What should you look out for?

What to consider when buying a good ping pong table

Outdoor or indoor?

Do you want to use the table indoors or outdoors? This will help decide which ping pong table is ideal for you. You can also get the waterproof brands that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced

Are you a beginner, intermediate or at the advanced level? Tables designed for beginners are ideal for recreational purposes. Most of them come with a playback feature to enable you to practice even when alone. If you have been playing tennis for a while, you can get the intermediate one. Kids can also find this effective after playing tennis in school. Advanced ping pong tables are for serious games and of relatively high standards. The standards meet the standards set by the International Table Tennis Federation. If you take part in tournaments, this is what you should go for.

Structure and Material

Best table tennis tables are available in different styles, sizes, and materials. Some are easier to assemble than others. Some tables are easier to move around than others. Some occupy more space as they are large as compared to others. Most of the tables are made of aluminum composite with waterproof and laminated table tops. Take your time to decide on which table you will want to spend your dime on and take home with you.

Thickness of the tabletop

The tennis tabletop is one of the most important parts of a tennis table. Ideal thickness offers even bounce of the ball during play. Leisure players and beginners will however not notice the difference and can work with less expensive equipment with a thinner top. Note that the thicker the tabletop, the more expensive the table is. For official ping pong table size, one should check out.

Convertible top

Tables with convertible tops have a great playback feature. You can elevate one side of the table as a backboard for single practice sessions.

Leg and Frame Support

The undercarriage ought to be robust enough to support the heavy weight of the top. To ascertain the stability, take a look at the thickness of the legs, the size and number of wheels and the connection in the chassis.


Stationary tables are more stable than rollaway tennis tables. However, it is advisable to get the rollaway models for easy moving and storage at home. Rollaway ping pong tables are foldable and have wheels that enable the easy movement to the desired position. The table may have two wheels, four or eight wheels in sets of 4 for each table half. The wheels should however not compromise the stability of the table during use.

Best Indoor Ping Pong Tables:

  1. JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table:

Do you love table tennis but have not been able to own a ping-pong table because you do not have enough space? The Joola Midsized table is ideal for you. The table is 30″ tall with a surface 2/3rds (72″) the length of a regulation sized table (See International Table Tennis Federation). This is however still big enough to feel like a real table tennis table. This table breaks into two separate square halves that can stand alone and be used for other table needs. The halves are also foldable making it easier to store in any standard sized closet. During purchase, it comes with a Joola net and a post set. Once they are at your doorstep, all you have to do is attach the two halves, slip on the net and start playing. This is a foldable ping pong table and is the best ping pong table under $200.

Best ping pong table

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Special features:

This table is made in China and it is featured with two foldable halves. Each half is a perfect square and it’s also good for playing card games. You can use this table as 2 separate tables for various purposes. This table is good enough to use in compact spaces and can be folded easily for easy storage.


  • No assembly is required
  • It comes with a JOOLA Net and Post set.
  • It weighs only 62 lbs.
  • High quality
  • Easy storage and portability
  • perfect size for limited space


  • Will need some time to adjust if used to playing with a regular sized ping pong table

In summary, This table is very easy to setup, is a foldable ping pong table and is under 200 dollars. And, it is perfect for those having tight spaces in their home. See a detailed review of JOOLA Midsize Table tennis table.

  1. MD Sports Table Tennis Set, Regulation Ping Pong Table with Net:

MD Sports has been the renowned manufacturer of providing ping pong table and this is something special because it comes with a net. With this table, you can get 8 pieces of paddles and balls.

A best value ping pong table by MD

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Special features:

This table is designed perfectly to store it in tight spaces. With this space-saving table set, you can play your game fast. This table is perfect for making fun for adults and kids. It’s easy to fold and perfect for playing ping pong inside of your home. Enjoy playing table tennis in your game room with this eight-piece space saving table tennis set. It consists of the table, a removable net, two posts, two paddles and two ping pong balls. The table weighs 121.5 lbs with measurements of 108” L by 60” W by 30”H. Its 15mm table top provides optimal ball bounce and has a 1 1/8” apron around the table for increased support and stability. The table is easily foldable for space saving and storage. Anytime you want to use, just unfold, set the table and the net, grab the paddles and enjoy your play.


  • It comes with 30-day money back guarantee.
  • The table is good in quality.
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent Stability
  • It’s a good looking table!


  • It takes time to assemble this table.

The design of this table is quite superb and the wheels offer better stability. For more details, see our review of this magnificent beauty: MD Sports Ping Pong Table. This MD Sports Ping Pong Table is foldable and is under 300 dollars.

  1. STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table:

STIGA is another great provider of the indoor table tennis table. This table is perfect for indoor playing. It is designed by using the high-quality materials so it lasts longer.

A top quality ping pong table by STIGA

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Special features:

This is a wonderful competition ready indoor table which is perfect for compact sized homes and offices. It comes with the pre-assembled setup so you can easily assemble this without any effort. If you are out looking at the best indoor ping pong tables, this is worth your time. The Stiga features a unique design where each table half has independent caster beam allowing separation of each half and use as a freestanding multi-use table. This also allows the half to nest into each other for minimal storage. It has a safety latch system that ensures the table doesn’t open unexpectedly. The ping pong table has a 72” heavy duty net, a post set with a premium cotton blend net and a 5/8 inch thick table top for excellent play and increased durability. Enjoy playing ping pong at home today by getting this excellent table tennis table.


  • The table is very durable.
  • It has exceptional playing surface.
  • Adjustable and the wheels make it very easy to transport.
  • It comes with independent table halves. This makes it easy to assemble.
  • The table is very easy to store.
  • The safety latch system is good.


  • It is slightly heavy, so if you can’t use the wheels for some reason, you may have trouble moving it around.

This wonderful indoor ping pong table is easy to assemble without any professional’s help.

  1. JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table with Net Set:

JOOLA provides the top most table tennis table at an affordable price. It’s a perfectly good quality table tennis table for offices and homes. And It’s my favorite.

My favorite ping pong table by JOOLA

Special features:

It’s sturdy enough to use and the 15mm surface is perfect for ball bounce. It is designed with the separate folding halves, which is perfect for easy setup and the payback mode makes you play your game efficiently. In order to offer safety during transport, it is designed with four locking casters per half. You can easily assemble this tennis table within 20 minutes.


  • Easy to assembly.
  • It’s perfect for small spaces.


  • The outside legs are taller than the inside legs.

This table tennis table is extremely good to have and it’s great to use for all basement. I have reviewed this table tennis table, which costs less than 500 here.

With the many options in the market today, deciding on the best table tennis table to take home may be quite a task. Ping pong players come in all shapes and sizes and have different kinds of playing styles. There is a myriad of tables for players to select from to help them reach their potential. During purchase make sure you bear the considerations listed above in mind. You can also take a look at or settle for one of the above best indoor ping pong tables. In no time you will be enjoying playing ping pong at home with family and friends. Next, we look at very good outdoor ping pong tables.

Best outdoor ping pong tables:

In case you have been wondering, ping pong is the other name for table tennis. I don’t know about you but I love table tennis. Actually, I tend to think everyone loves table tennis.This is a game you can play in your backyard or in the gym. It is played for professional and recreational purposes. In the past years, ping pong was branded as an indoor game but these are changing times. Try playing table tennis somewhere in the open. It’s an experience of a lifetime.

It can be challenging when you want to play with your family out in the sun but you do not have an outdoor ping pong table. Most players end up assembling furniture in the house to make up a table tennis table. Fortunately, you do not have to stress anymore because there are excellent outdoor ping pong tables in the market today. The only task is to find the best which has already been done for you. Read on to find out the best outdoor ping pong tables currently in the market.

  1. STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table: A top quality ping pong table by STIGA

STIGA is one of the world’s renowned manufacturers in delivering the table tennis table and this table provides long-lasting durability because it is made by using the quality materials. It’s is perfect for using in patio and garage. Kettler’s merchandise never disappoint. STIGA XTR is one of the best table tennis tables. It has been specifically designed for the outdoors. It comes with outstanding features and conveniences.



If you are looking to buy a long lasting ping pong table, you are in luck. Stiga XTR has been manufactured with aluminum, galvanized steel and exterior grade powder coating which are materials that can withstand all weather. You are therefore at liberty to leave your table outside for as long as you wish. It has been built to withstand any climate and resist warping under any condition.

Easy To Set Up

There is a table that can take up to 5 hours assembly time. That table is definitely not STIGA XTR. The package is usually a 95% already assembled table with only one step to completion.You only need a maximum of 30 minutes to finish the assembly and start playing.

Sturdy Legs

STIGA XTR legs are made of steel. They are totally safe and convenient since they have a self-opening inbuilt feature which allows them to open or close automatically. They have inbuilt leg levelers which you can adjust to a height of your liking to ensure you have a leveled playing surface.In addition, the legs have ball bearing wheels. No more carrying of tables! Just wheel it to the area you want to play on.


What does this mean? One can use the table for other purposes other table tennis. This is possible since each half can stand on its own quite well. It can be a ping pong table in the field and a dining table in the kitchen. STIGA XTR also has a playback mode in case you want to play alone to improve your skills.

Portable And Easy To Store

The two halves effortlessly fold into a compact size that is easy to store or move around.It has a red safety latch to lock the halves into position.Once folded it can fit into any available space.


  • Waterproof
  • Rust free
  • Resistant to sun damage
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Great delivery
  • It can be folded easily.
  • It comes with 3” wheels with locks.


  • Some packages contain some blemishes
  • The table is heavy

In brief, it’s a high-quality table tennis table and it looks great. It’s easy to setup within minutes.

  1. Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table with Accessories:

Harvil is offering this table tennis table with good quality at a reasonable price. This tennis table is perfect for outdoor use. It weighs less so you can easily carry this wherever you want.

A top ping pong table by Harvil

Special features:

It comes with a powder-coated steel frame and the dimensions are good. This is perfect for outdoor use. The wheels of this table are easy to lock and unlock and also the wheels are providing good stability and mobility. It comes with a complete set of accessories. You can also get 100% money back guarantee with this tennis table.


Harvil outsider is the full package. It comes with the following:
– Table tennis net
– Net posts
– 4 rackets
– 8 balls
– handy storage pack
Buying Harvil outsider is simply buying everything you need for a ping pong match


The legs are sturdy. They come with wheels that are easy to lock and unlock making this ping pong table very stable and mobile.Just like STIGA XTR it can be set it into playback mode by folding it. It easily folds up for storage purposes.The package contains a protective cover to keep the table dust free while in storage.


Its table top is also made of aluminum with steel frames which make it all weather proof. It remains intact even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

One Year Warranty With A Money Back Guarantee

The company offers free repairs and replacement during the warranty period. They will replace defective or damaged parts for free. A customer will be offered a full refund in the case that he/she dislikes the product.


  • It’s a water-resistant
  • It’s extremely easy to assemble.
  • Great customer service
  • It’s great value by that I mean it’s cheap!


  • Has a 4mm thick top which is not even half of the recommended 19mm + thickness
  • This is not a professional tournament table.

This easy-to-put-together table tennis table is perfect for everyone who loves to play ping pong outside.

  1. Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table:

This table comes from the well-known brand called Kettler Sports with an outdoor accessory bundle. The wheels of this table offer fantastic stability and it is made by using the quality materials to provide stability forever.

A top ping pong table by Joola

Special features:

It features a durable waterproof design so that you can play your game during the winter season also. It’s packed with a lot of fantastic features like easy to fold and ease of setup. It comes with the money back guarantee. Moreover, you can also get free accessories with this table tennis table. Here are the features of this table.

Free Accessories

This ping pong table comes with some free accessories which include:

– 2 Kettler Halo 5.0 outdoor table tennis rackets
– 3 pieces of 3-star balls
– Kettler premium outdoor cover

Kettler Champ also has paddles and ball holders on its side.

Floor Levelers

Each leg contains a floor leveler which is used to adjust each leg to the desired height. Therefore, you can set this table on any terrain whether flat or not.

Foldable and Safe

Just like the other two tables, it is very foldable. It features a dual lock safety system to avoid unintended opening and closing.Besides, it has playback features as well.

Tournament Quality Bounce

Its top is of recommended thickness. This ping pong table offers a quality bounce making it suitable for professional competitions. It has 2.25″ resin which conveniently prevents the surface from warping under any circumstances. It has also been designed to resist damage from UV rays.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable at a reasonable price
  • Sturdy legs
  • Portable
  • Easy to store
  • Durable


  • It takes some time to assemble this table.

This is a nice tennis table which comes with the floor levelers for easy height adjustment.

  1. STIGA Indoor / Outdoor Premium Table Cover:

This is another great table tennis table cover from the top-rated brand STIGA. It gives good protection to your table tennis table while it is not in use.

Special features:

This wonderful cover is perfect for both indoor and outdoor tennis table. By using this cover, you can protect your table from damage. It is constructed by using a quality material so it lasts longer.


  • The dimensions of this table cover are quite great.
  • It’s easy to use.


  • It will damage after several uses.

If you’re looking for the best cover to protect your table tennis table, then it’s best to use.


The only way to enjoy table tennis outside is to get the best table. A table that is long lasting, safe to use, easy to store, available at a pocket-friendly price and steady. Fortunately, we have seen all those good qualities in the eight best ping pong tables above. You can choose to play alone, with family or even call your friends for a match. Do not miss out. Time to get yourself a ping pong table. We also offer sports guest post here.


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